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You Will want to Watch Our Informative Video in the alternate product images Above!

You asked for it and here it is! The cleanest, purest copper product we have ever made!!


MitoActivator LDS (Low Dose Serving),

with its one of a kind patented Cunermuspir (Copper Niacin), is the product with the least ingredients to maximize the coppers effect.


Cunermuspir: Our key ingredient, defined. Cunermuspir is a coined word for our patented, one of a kind complex for optimal neuromuscular health.


Cu= chemical symbol for Copper, ner=neuro, mus=muscle, pir=spirit

Thus, “Cunermuspir” stands for a copper B3 chelate complex (copper chelated with, or surrounded by, Vitamin B3), a term which you will see in most of the product descriptions below.

We recommend everyone start with one bottle of the MitoActivator LDS. When you have finished one bottle of the LDS, we recommend you move onto the regular MitoActivator Original Formula.


Please keep in mind the MitoActivator product line is ideal for those already taking other supplements. If you are not taking any other vitamins or supplements, we recommend starting with the MitoSynergy Advanced as it includes other vitamins and supplements that will enhance the Copper1 Supplement.

2 to 3 Month Supply.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

MitoActivator LDS 90 Capsules

  • What is MitoSynergy?

    MitoSynergy is a one of kind dietary supplement that helps the body help itself by bringing a revolutionary copper chelate that has the ability to feed and charge the mitochondria.

    Why is MitoSynergy unique?

    MitoSynergy has a unique bioavailability on a molecular level in the mitochondria. The most important quality of MitoSynergy is that it may help you in ways that no other product has the ability to help you.

    Can your body become dependent on MitoSynergy?


    Does MitoSynergy share customer information?

    No, all customer information is kept private.

    Is MitoSynergy multi-level marketing?


    What ingredients are in the MitoSynergy Copper1 Supplements, which one should I take and how much should I take?


    MitoActivator LDS is ideal for someone just starting out with the MitoSynergy Copper1 Supplements. It is also the one recommended for children and pets. See label In Product Image above for dosing information.



    MitoActivator Original Formula is where it all started and is the next level up from the MitoActivator LDS. Once your body has adjusted from taking the MitoActivator LDS (Typically One Bottle), it is ok to move to the MitoActivator Original Formula. See label for Suggested Use. To Purchase Mito Original Formula, Click Here


    MitoActivator Extra Strength is the strongest Copper1 Supplement available. It is recommended for those who are very healthy (typically athletes or people who work out on a daily basis) and those who are very ill. If you are very ill, it is ok to begin with the MitoSynergy Activator Original Formula instead of the LDS. Just be sure to follow the Suggested Use on the Label. To order MitoActivator Extra Strength, Click Here



    The MitoSynergy Advanced is our Signature all-in-one neuromuscular health supplement. It is ideal for those who are currently not taking any other multivitamins or vitamin supplements. Although the label says 4 capsules per day, it is not mandatory in order to feel the benefits of this product. If you are new to this product, you should start out with 1 to 2 capsules per day. After several weeks, you can increase to 3 or 4 capsules a day however one or two may be just right for you and you may just want to stay at that level. As with all of the Copper1 supplements, the worse your situation, the longer it will take your body to regain balance. Once you are feeling better and have reached optimal performance, you can take one per day in order to maintain your health. To order MitoSynergy Advanced Formula, Click Here

    Is MitoSynergy made in the USA?


    What is the meaning of the name “MitoSynergy”?

    Mito is short for mitochondria and Synergy for the synergistic effect of the blend of the MitoSynergy formula combined with the unique ingredient Cunermuspir.

    Why is MitoSynergy so expensive?

    MitoSynergy and the Cunermuspir complex have required an enormous amount of investment.  MitoSynergy products are priced with the minimal margins to keep the products at the highest quality and ensure product availability.  However there is power in numbers.   As more users find MitoSynergy, it is our goal to lower the price as quickly as possible.   As production levels go up, we will be able to lower the price.  Please help us by spreading the word.

    Where did MitoSynergy come from?

    MitoSynergy was created because a loving uncle was trying to help improve the quality of life for his 21 year old nephew, who injured his spinal cord and broke his neck leaving him a quadriplegic. The uncle searched the world for something to give his nephew hope.  In his endeavors, he collaborated with doctors, scientists and chemists in the United States and abroad.

    Is MitoSynergy an all-natural product?


    How do I know if MitoSynergy is working for me?

    In order to see if MitoSynergy is working for you, we recommend that you begin a log for your reference that gauges current level of discomfort, energy level and mental clarity. Use a written or video diary prior to taking MitoSynergy as well as 30 days of  taking MitoSynergy. This  may help you to determine the improvements of the quality of your life.  Those using the product have had surprising results in areas that previously they were unaware of. We greatly appreciate your sharing your experience with us as it helps us spread the word.  Please share your experience with us! Email us at with the word, testimonial, in the subject line.

    What should I do if I miss a dose?

    If you miss a dose, continue to take MitoSynergy as recommended.  Do not take any extra.

    Can I take MitoSynergy if I am taking a medical prescription?

    Some dietary supplements may interact with other supplements or prescription and over-the-counter medicines.  Taking a combination of supplements or using the products with medications (whether prescription or OTC drugs) can cause side-effects.  Please consult your physician before taking any supplements of any kind.  In order to receive optimum results and allow the unique ingredient to perform at its highest level you must take MitoSynergy two hours before any other minerals, vitamins, supplements and/ or any (OTC) or prescribed medications.

    MitoSynergy is not working for me.  What should I do?

    It is imperative you consult with a MitoSynergy representative as soon as possible to ensure optimum results.  Please make sure you are taking MitoSynergy thirty minutes before food.  Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses daily.  If you take prescription medications try taking MitoSynergy at least 2 hours before your prescription medications.

    Are there drug interactions with MitoSynergy?

    At this time there are no known drug interactions with MitoSynergy.  We do recommend that you speak with your healthcare professional prior to beginning any supplement in order to minimize the risk of interactions and to improve the success of your therapy.  In order to receive optimum results and allow the unique ingredient Cunermuspir to to perform at its highest level you must take MitoSynergy two hours before any other minerals, vitamins, supplements and or any (OTC) or prescribed medications.

    Are there any known side effects?

    If taken when dehydrated you may experience a slight headache, which is why it is imperative to drink eight full glasses of water each day.  As with any vitamin mineral or supplement you may experience some nausea if taken on an empty stomach.  If you experience any nausea you may take with a small amount of bland food.

    How soon should I see results?

    You may see results within thirty days. If being taken for; nerve discomfort you may expect results in seven days or less, muscle discomfort results in 14 days or less, deep bone and joint discomfort results in 60 days or less.   Each person’s unique body chemistry and situation may differ.

    What happens if I take too much?

    There are no known side effects.

    In order to continue the benefits of MitoSynergy will I need to continue taking it?


    Is it ok for children to take?

    Yes, however the suggested use is for adults and children 12 or more years of age. For children younger than 12 years of age please consult your healthcare provider.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars This is a great product. Go slow and work your way up

    Verified Purchase

    This is a great product. Go slow and work your way up. I have multiple cheonic conditions and this is helping me gain some life back. Check the science behond it. Fascinating!

    Stacey Mccune


    5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome copper supplement

    Verified Purchase

    Awesome copper supplement. If you want to actually heal your body, kick out all the bugs from your blood cells with this, and combine with the Metagenics curcumen.

    -Kendal Sheets


    So Fantastic!

    This product has helped my daughter's hyper-mobility and skin fragility ...The copper has been a great addition and given her even more results. When she stops taking the copper I can feel her skin has less volume to it. If you have hEDS you might know what that feels like. When she takes the copper her skin has more substance/volume. I feel it when I give her back rubs.

    A. Lall



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