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Our Mind & Body Wellness Bundle includes our three Specially Formulated Products designed to support your mind health and Your overall Wellness.



This Bundle is designed to:

  • Improve Immunity
  • Increase Cellular Vitality
  • Gently Detoxify
  • Suppress Bad Bacteria and Viruses
  • Promote Gut Health
  • Regenerate Neurological Pathways
  • Increase Mental Function
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Clear Free Radicals
  • Oxygenate
  • Promote Relaxation
  • Improve Sleep
  • Restore Minerals
  • Provide Optimal Nutritional Uptake
  • Improve Bone Health
  • Reduce Brain Fog
  • Limit Yeast and Fungal Overgrowth


Our three product Bundle Includes These Powerful individual Products


Our Whole Mind Lion's Mane Nootropic Blend


Our Accelerated Probiotic Compex


Our Humic & Fulvic Liquid Trace Mineral Complex


Each Product is so beneficial on its own, but when combined, An Optimized Mind and Body Synergy is accomplished.


With Prebiotic abilitites, our Humic Fulvic optimizes the GI tract for probiotic growth.


With 5.7 billion beneficial organisms per serving, our Human resident strain Probiotic takes FAST ACTION in beneficial bacteria proliferation, optimizing gut health and correcting gut/brain communication and rebuilding immune defenses by overwhelming destructive pathogens.


With optimal nuerogenetic capabilities, our WHOLE MIND Nootropic Blend repairs and generates new pathways of communication within the brain, boosting all over brain function and immunity through its adaptogenic qualities.


Together we believe our Mind and Body Wellness Bundle will improve your health and mental functions noticeably.

Our Mind and Body wellness Bundle gives your immunity a swift kick in the pants!


Please follow usage instructions of each product, taking all three together is totally fine, spacing them out is OK too. please take at least two hours away from any medications to enable full distribution and optimal probiotic genesis within your GI tract.


Disclaimer: As with all mild detoxifiers and Probiotics, it is often noticed that there is an increase in elimination regularity especialy the first few days as toxins, disruptive bacteria and biofilm are expelled. We recommend beginning with one capsule of probiotic and a slow build as suggested with the Humic Fulvic each day.




To read More on each element in our Bundle, please click on the above Names of the desired product

Mind & Body Wellness Bundle: Humic Fulvic, Nootropic, Probiotic

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